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At Bercow Radell Fernandez Larkin & Tapanes, we provide innovative solutions for your land use, zoning and environmental legal issues. Our knowledgeable staff is devoted to delivering results across a wide spectrum of challenges.

Land Use

Throughout the State of Florida, each local government adopts its own individual comprehensive plan with goals, objectives and policies to guide future growth and manage infrastructure within its jurisdiction. Commonly, interpreting and amending the text and maps within these local government comprehensive plans is the first step in the land development process. We have extensive knowledge and experience in devising creative, custom strategies that produce practical solutions to the most challenging land use issues.

Developments of Regional Impact

The character, magnitude and location of projects known as Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) require concurrent state and regional review to mitigate potential impacts on state and regional resources and infrastructure facilities. Our thoughtful and conscientious approach to our counsel and advocacy achieve merit-driven outcomes that are a win-win for clients and stakeholders alike. Due to the depth of our knowledge and breadth of our experience representing large-scale developers, entertainment attractions and quasi-public redevelopment agencies, we are the go-to Miami firm in DRI law.


In a rapidly evolving metropolis like Miami, zoning applications can be challenging. Whether a project requires a rezoning, exception, variance, administrative adjustment, waiver or warrant, all projects that require a building permit also require a zoning approval. Our attorneys counsel clients and design professionals in identifying issues, preparing quality applications, negotiating with stakeholders, expediting processing, and presenting before government boards to ensure a seamless permitting process.

Due Diligence Reviews

Today’s real estate transactions can face many challenges, but as a result of working closely with transactional attorneys, design professionals and financial institutions, we help our clients proceed seamlessly from closing to permitting. We conduct thorough land use, zoning, subdivision, environmental, permitting and enforcement due diligence to advise buyers, developers, lenders and investors who are considering purchasing land or property prior to closing. Our opinion letters are relied upon by prospective purchasers, lenders and investors to avoid costly errors and insurmountable blunders.

Growth Management and Concurrency

Miami’s transformation into an international metropolis landlocked by precious natural resources of global significance requires a keen understanding of the tenets of growth management. Urban infill redevelopment is often limited by aging infrastructure and suburban development is often perceived as draining limited resources. The potential impact of development on infrastructure facilities including transportation, water, sewer, solid waste, parks and schools is measured through concurrency management systems. We assist our clients in strategically mitigating a project’s impact on infrastructure to effectively manage both urban and suburban growth.


Permitting and Impact Fees

Acquiring a building permit in South Florida requires processing, review and approval from multiple layers of government. We specialize in navigating the bureaucracy efficiently and effectively to secure reasonable code interpretations and fairness in permitting and impact fees. We serve as advocates on behalf of our clients and colleagues within design and construction teams that include owner’s representatives, architects, engineers, surveyors, general contractors, subcontractors and private providers to ensure fast-track delivery of our projects.

Appellate Litigation

After exhausting all administrative remedies, we assist clients in protecting their property rights through appellate litigation. Our attorneys draft persuasive briefs and advocate at oral argument before the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Third District Court of Appeals, Florida Supreme Court, and the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Administrative Hearing Division. Our firm’s unique blend of zealous representation and measured appellate litigation strategy ensures that appeals are handled by attorneys familiar with the esoteric law that governs zoning decision-making.



Steering through the complexity of environmental permitting and enforcement in Miami requires a balanced approach because economic growth and stability is perpetually linked to preserving the natural environment. Our attorneys represent the interests of property owners, commercial enterprises, industrial users, waste management companies and rock quarrying businesses in environmental permitting and compliance, variances and exemptions, wetlands determination and mitigation, redevelopment consulting, brownfields, severable use rights, and economic incentive matters.

Historic Preservation and Archeological Resources

The identification, designation, protection and preservation of historic and archaeological resources raises a plethora of legal issues, from constitutional law to tax and development incentives. We have extensive experience researching historical records, advocating for and against designations, negotiating preservation standards and interpretations, drafting preservation agreements, as well as evaluating and utilizing incentives, including ad valorem taxes, federal taxes, and transferable development rights.

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