CLIENT NEWS: Little River Apartment Project Plans Accessory Artist Space

March 9, 2023

A developer plans to construct a midrise mixed-use apartment building with accessory artist space and co-working space in Miami’s Little River area. Owner-developer Little River An District 7501 LLC presented its plans for Noli 75, prepared by Studio McG Architecture, to the city’s Urban Development Review Board.

The board recommended ap­proval with conditions.

The multi-family building is 10 stories and will bring 169 units to the property, comprised of 68 one-bedroom and 87 two-bedroom apartments and 14 three-bedroom aparunents.

Along with the artist space, and co-work space on the ground floor, the building will also have dog grooming,a gym, and a small retail space along Northeast 75th Street. Ben Fernandez, an attorney representing the developer, said the project provides a total of 179 on-site standard parking spaces, six ADA spaces and six on-street spaces, for a total of 191 spaces where a total of 272 spaces are required under Miami 21 zoning. In a letter to the city Mr. Fer­nandez wrote: “The Property is approximately 1.108 acres (48,848 square feet) in size, after required right-of-way dedications, and is lo­cated at the NE intersection of NE 2nd Avenue and NE 75th Street. “The building tower is designed in a u-shape around an open recre­ational area at the third level that will feature a Yoga Deck. This design feature serves to punctuate the façade and provides light for the interior units,” he wrote. He said the height is 10 sto­ries, which is consistent with the T6-8-O zoning, and the building elevations are all well-articulated with balconies.

Mr. Fernandez wrote: “In addi­tion, there is a large entrance lobby along NE 75th Street that will help to activate that street frontage.” All of the corners at the ground level have also been activated with uses that are ancillary to the primarily residential multi-family use.

Them will be an artist flex space along Northeast Second Court, which is a narrow street facing existing multi-family apartments to the east.

There will be co-worker office space at Northeast Second Court and 76th Street, closer to the ser­vice and loading areas.

Mr. Fernandez wrote: “… the buildingfeatures expressive deco-mtivewallart,as well as significant glazing along all street frontages, clad with smooth stucco finish in white, light gray, medium gray with graphic art features.

“The principal entrance for vehicles, and for service and loading is on NE 76 Street (Grand Boulevard), which is a secondary frontage. There is another vehicle entrance for residents and visitors only located along NE Second Court, which is a narrower right of way.”

All of the garage areas are either lined with habitable liner areas or screened with aluminum per­forated panels with round holes. Mr. Fernandez said the parking ramp for the garage is oriented along the length of the property in order to maximize efficiency and best utilize the property’s existing geometry. The pool is on the ninth  level offering expansive views to the east and west, he said.

The developer is requesting zoning waivers allowing for:

  • A decrease in the requires parking by 30% within half a mile radius of a transit corridor
  • A reduce driveway width by 10% from 23 to 22 feet
  • A reduction in distance seperation between vehicular entrances
  • A reduction of the 1-foot parking space clearance abutting certain walls

The Noli 75 project is in an area that hasn’t seen new development for some time, Mr. Fernandez told the board.

Board member Anthony Tzam-tzis suggested usingbetterrailings for the balconies. “Overall, I like what you did,” he said. Boardmember Agustin Barren said: “It’s a very walkable site … the amenity deck is very accom­modating for residents … overall, well done.”

Board member Robert Behar said: “I commend you.”

Board member Gia Zapattini said: “Very beautiful execution. It doesn’t feel like a big mass.” Chairman Ignacio Permuy said: “The way you’ve broken up the massing is very well done.” The motion to recommend ap­proval passed 6-0 and had these conditions: the developerconsider adding another elevator, consider adding glazing in upper floors on the northeast corner; and consider better railings for the balconies.

Published on the March 9 Edition of Miami Today

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