CLIENT NEWS: Temporary Fire Station Planned To Expedite Construction At 1 Southside Park

March 6, 2023

Miami commissioners are scheduled to vote on a plan for a temporary fire station that would help expedite construction at Brickell’s massive 1 Southside Park.

According to the text of the proposed resolution, site development for the 64-story tower is already underway.

The city engaged a third-party engineer to review and comment on stucco cracking at the existing fire station and the deep soil mixing excavation containment system design at the construction site, the resolution continues.

Both the city and the developer wish to temporarily relocate Fire Station No. 4 to temporary facilities within Southside Park through the mass excavation work and construction of 1 Southside Park.

Fire Station No. 4 would be temporary relocated into a 5,500 square foot space within Southside Park itself, using modular construction, an attachment shows.

The relocation would expedite construction of the project, including the delivery of the new fire station, the resolution said.

A commission vote to approve the temporary station is expected March 9.

ODP Architects is the architect of record for the temporary fire station, as well as the new 64-story tower.

1 Southside Park is planned to include:

  • 1,195 rental apartments
  • 165,000 square feet of office
  • 200 hotel rooms (operated by Treehouse Hotels)
  • 86,151 square feet of spa
  • 23,312 square feet of full service restaurant
  • 1,417 square feet of fast food restaurant
  • 5,120 square feet of banquet hall
  • 13,673 square feet of fitness center
  • 32,000 square feet of fire station
  • Up to 1,000 parking spaces

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